OFS Shape Sensor Optical Fiber

Optical fiber shape sensing is a form of distributed sensing that uses scattered signals from optical fibers to ascertain local curvature and twist and thus the shape of a given structure.

Twisted Multicore Fiber with Continuous Gratings

OFS has developed a technology platform to produce high quality twisted multicore optical fiber with continuous FBGs (Fiber Bragg Gratings) to meet critical 3D shape sensing specifications. OFS expertise in specialty glass preform design makes possible the manufacture of a wide range of fibers with optimized features such as multiple cores, selected cutoff, specific numerical aperture, and core to core spacing.


  • Customizable high quality gratings provide good signal-to-noise ratio
  • Precisely positioned gratings provide stable signal throughout the fiber
  • No stripping and recoating provides high fiber integrity and strength

OFS manufacturing facilities and robust quality management system ensure optimal performance and peace of mind.

Typical Fiber Characteristics
Fiber Core Geometry 3 around 1 or 6 around 1
Cladding Diameter 125 µm
Coating Type Acrylate
Coating Diameter 200 µm
Coating Concentricity < 8 µm
Core-to-Core Spacing 35 µm
Center Core Concentricity in Glass 0.5 µm
Twist Rate Up to 100 twists/m
Numerical Aperture 0.21
Mode Field Diameter at 1550 nm 6 µm
Fiber Proof Strength 100 kpsi
NOTE: Custom fibers/gratings are available to achieve specific requirements.

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The Shape Sensor Optical Fiber is part of the LineaSens® brand.

LineaSens Brand

OFS optical fibers and cables for fiber optic sensing applications.

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