OFS fiber optic products ensure delivery of high-speed broadband services to consumers in new or existing multiple dwelling units (MDU)

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) deployment is accelerating globally, and OFS has proven to be revolutionary in the MDU space.

The OFS InvisiLight® Optical Solution, launched in 2012, is a progressive system that enables fast, easy-to-install and almost invisible fiber drop connections for the indoor living unit (ILU) or businesses for fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) services. OFS EZ-Bend® Optical Fiber enables worry-free bending around the many tight corners typically found inside buildings and rooms. These optical fibers surpass the G.657.B3 technical standard, with a 2.5 mm bend radius, helping to ensure reliable, ultra-high-speed internet and services.

After tens of thousands of installations, the InvisiLight Optical Solution is now available for the multi-dwelling unit (MDU). Leveraging this same proven technology, the new InvisiLight ILU and InvisiLight MDU Solutions help make optical fiber easily available to each building tenant. These solutions can help accelerate the adoption of fiber optic services in residential or business premises by differentiating indoor fiber deployment from traditional methods. In this way, InvisiLight Solutions can help to significantly improve the consumer experience while lowering costs and speeding installation. These benefits result in higher subscriber acceptance and take rates, higher profitability and faster time-to-revenue for service providers.



• Independent plug-and-play installation
• Simple and flexible versus traditional methods
• Faster time to service and revenue turn up
• No expensive retraining of staff
• Optical fiber surpasses G.657.B3 standards
• Décor, wall, corner and obstacle friendly
• Easy to reposition or remove

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InvisiLight MDU Solution

The high density of potential subscribers makes Fiber-to-the-Building installations popular in many parts of the world. This application can be used in residential or corporate buildings, hospitals, schools, and even smaller shopping malls. Service providers are increasingly running fiber to each unit within a building to provide reliable Gigabit services. However, deploying fiber inside many existing buildings can be difficult and expensive. The InvisiLight MDU Solution meets these challenges with a fast to-install, a practically invisible multifiber cord that can be surface mounted in hallways and between floors to connect subscribers to ultra-high-speed services.

The InvisiLight MDU Solution is offered as a complete kit consisting of:

InvisiLight Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solution

Discerning residents, tight spaces, corners, textured surfaces and a myriad of other challenges encountered while deploying fiber in an ILU require a solution that can reliably meet these challenges. The InvisiLight ILU Solution allows quick and easy indoor optical fiber installation. Installers unwind the optical fiber, route it along a predetermined path and simply adhere it in place. Using this innovative yet simple process, the installer adheres the fiber in crevices where walls intersect (drywall, brick or concrete) and along crown molding, baseboards and various ceiling surfaces. This solution offers consumers a safe, protected optical fiber link that blends seamlessly into the ILU, is virtually invisible to the eye and installed without disruption to the homeowner or décor.

The InvisiLight ILU Solution is offered as a complete kit consisting of:

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