SlimBox® Enclosures and Modules

The SlimBox product line consists of a broad portfolio of Enclosures and modules that can be integrated in a complete solution with OFS InvisiLight Multifiber Cordage, EZ-Bend and EZ-Peel Ruggedized Cables and EZ-Bend M-Pack Indoor Outdoor Cables for MDUs or SFUs.

Using these products, installers can deploy fully integrated pre-connectorized plug-and-play solutions for fast installations. Alternatively, in field termination using fusion splicing with either splice on connectors (SOC) or pigtails can also be pursued as options. On the other hand, mechanical connectors can also be used. When using non-OFS branded SOC or mechanical connectors, OFS recommends and can assist with pre-integration tests prior to deployment.

The following product lines help provide a complete MDU/SFU solution with cables and cordage:

  • SlimBox Indoor Enclosures for telecom closets supporting 12, 24 and 64 drop cables,
  • SlimBox Indoor Outdoor Enclosures for outdoor to indoor transition and façade installations supporting 2, 4, 12, 24 and 48 drop cables,
  • SlimBox Customer Splice Point (CSP) for outdoor demarcation point supporting 1, 2 and 4 drop cables,
  • SlimBox Wall Plate for indoor connection point supporting 2 drop cables,
  • SlimBox Splice Module for discrete indoor connections to transition from and extend an outdoor drop cable to indoor cable,
  • SlimBox Underground Enclosure for underground installations supporting 16 drop cables,
  • SlimBox Drop Enclosure for telephone pole or wall installations supporting 16 drop cables,
  • Support for OFS cordage and cables (InvisiLight Multifiber Cord, EZ-Bend, EZ-Peel and EZ-Bend M-Pack Cables)
  • supports pre-connectorized or in-field connectorization,
  • compatible with OFS PLC splitters, splice on connector EZ!Fuse, 900um pigtails and mechanical connectors,
  • rated IP55 to IP65 depending upon product line
  1 port 2 ports 4 ports 8 ports 12 ports 16 ports 24 ports 48 ports 64 ports
Indoor SlimBox Indoor Splice Module SlimBox Wall Plate Not available SlimBox 4F Rosette Not available SlimBox 12F Module SlimBox 12F Module Not available SlimBox 24F Enclosure Not available SlimBox 64F Module
Indoor/Outdoor SlimBox Internal/External CSP Box SlimBox 2F Outdoor Enclosure SlimBox 4F Outdoor Enclosure   Not available SlimBox 12F Outdoor Enclosure Not available SlimBox 24F Outdoor Enclosure SlimBox 48F Outdoor Enclosure Not available
Outdoor SlimBox Internal/External CSP Box Not available Not available Not available Not available SlimBox Drop System SlimBox Underground Enclosure Not available Not available Not available



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