EZ-Bend Optical Technology addresses the critical need to speed and simplify installations by allowing cables to be bent and routed in ways never before feasible with traditional optical cables, to facilitate rapid deployment of fiber to and within the residence.

EZ-Bend Optical Technology can provide up to a 100-fold improvement in bending performance over conventional single-mode fiber (SMF) type cables, to help avoid service disruptions and lower installation costs. Conventional optical fiber technologies require large bend radii to function properly, complicating the installation process. In contrast, service providers need cables that support tight corner bends and stapling. Sometimes the cables need to be routed around corners, behind moldings, and stapled.

EZ-Bend Bend Examples

OFS’ EZ-Bend Technology integrates two critical elements: a new bend-optimized fiber design in a new cable construction. This innovative technology is the first to provide such performance using a solid glass fiber construction, while being fully splice and performance compatible with typical installed fibers. A robust optical cable design helps protect the optical fiber from being kinked or crushed. EZ-Bend Technology includes the only commercial solid glass optical fiber that allows a typical video service to pass through a 5 mm radius bend with 0.1 dB maximum loss per turn, where conventional approaches would fully block the service.

Drop Cable Featuring EZ-Bend Optical Fiber

Drop cables featuring EZ-Bend Optical Technology can be bent to 5 mm radius and be stapled, with negligible signal loss and no degradation in picture quality, offering reliable support for FTTx applications, including high-definition television (HDTV), on-demand video, ultra high speed data, voice, online gaming and many other revenue-generating services. EZ-Bend Optical Technology supports multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and in-home wiring applications.

InvisiLight® Optical Solutions Featuring EZ-Bend Optical Fiber

OFS InvisiLight Optical Solutions offer a revolutionary system that enables fast, easy and virtually invisible optical fiber installations for indoor living units (ILUs) and multiple dwelling units (MDUs). The InvisiLight ILU Solution consists of a single optical fiber for fiber-in-the-home (FITH) installations, whereas the InvisiLight MDU Solution consists of a 12-fiber unit for building hallways.

EZ-Bend Video SEE IT EZ-Bend Video

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EZ-Bend Fiber is available exclusively through the OFS EZ-Bend FTTx Solutions.

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