What's the X in your FTTX?

From the Head End/Central Office to the home, business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, OFS can fiber-connect your community. Our FOX Solution® (Fiber-to-the-X) helps service providers achieve maximum performance and reliability for ­deployments in a broad range of environments.

We can also optimize network designs, facilitate MDU projects, and provide ground-breaking fiber ­management systems to worldwide customers eager to meet their customers’ most demanding needs.

FOX Solution® Offering

A comprehensive, end-to-end solution that helps achieve ­maximum return on investment (ROI) for Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTX) deployments and supports HDTV, video on demand, online gaming, and many other revenue-generating services.

V-Linx™ - Spool & Play Solution

Designed to address the varying conditions in MDU ­deployments, the V-Linx Solution is the right choice for dense, ­multi-floor units and provides components that can be flexibly configured to address diverse cabling conditions.

EZ-Bend® Optical Technology

An OFS breakthrough that allows cables to be bent to a 5 mm radius and stapled, with negligible signal loss and no ­degradation in video picture quality.

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