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Advanced enterprise and data center technologies are crucial for ensuring optimal performance of video, data, voice, and wireless systems, including data intensive artificial intelligence applications. OFS is proud to be a leader in high-speed optical fiber, cable, and connectivity products. Our award winning LaserWave® Wideband Fiber , in particular, supports a smooth migration from 1 Gb/s to 400 Gb/s using cost effective multimode fiber based systems for short reach applications. AllWave FLEX® fibers enable compact cabling and tight bends to fit in the confined spaces available to interconnect equipment. Our AccuTube® Rollable Ribbon and AccuPack® cabling can double the fiber counts in crowded ducts and racks as ever increasing demand for bandwidth drives more fiber deployment. OFS ultra-high fiber count Rollable Ribbon Cables with up to 3456 fibers inside can support lower cost data center interconnect systems. Super compact cable assemblies, shelves, and optical cords in our Optical Connectivity portfolio can help better manage many connections within small spaces.

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