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Materials Science Is At Our Core

OFS | Your Optical Fiber Solutions Partner
OFS | Your Optical
Fiber Solutions Partner

When most people hear the term & "fiber optics" they naturally envision hair-thin strands of glass, the enablers of today’s high speed telecommunication and global internet. While that’s all true, it’s really just the beginning where the technology of fiber optics is concerned. In the Specialty Photonics Division of OFS we work in a world that extends well beyond telecommunications. Read More

Why Optical Fiber for the Medical Industry?

Optical Fiber in the Medical Industry
Optical Fiber in the Medical Industry

Even though the first use of lasers in medicine was reported by Goldman in 1962-and then in 1963 for experimental cardiovascular plaque ablation-it is the Aesthetic and Ophthalmic applications that historically pushed the use and adoption of photons in medicine. In addition to invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments and ophthalmic therapies, urology is another mature market today using lasers and optical fiber probes. In this market lasers and optical fibers are used in transurethral laser therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and kidney stone ablation. Read More…