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Product Resources
SlimBox® 12-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Brochure
SlimBox® 12-Fiber Internal Use Wall Mount Module Brochure

SlimBox® 12-Fiber Module Wall Mount (w/ Connection Protection)

Slimbox® 24-Fiber Enclosure
Slimbox® 24-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
SlimBox® 2-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
SlimBox® 48-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
SlimBox® 4-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
SlimBox® 4-Fiber Internal Use Rosette Module
Slimbox® 64-Fiber Module
SlimBox® Customer Splice Point (CSP) Internal and External Modules
SlimBox® Wall Plate
SlimBox Customer Splice Point Module Installation Instructions
SlimBox 24-Fiber Indoor Wall Mount Module Installation
SlimBox® 12-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Installation
SlimBox® 12-Fiber Internal Adapter Installation

SlimBox 24-Fiber Outdoor Wall Mount Module Installation
SlimBox 2-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Installation
SlimBox 4-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Installation
SlimBox 24-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Installation
SlimBox 64-Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure Installation

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