OFS recently helped to deploy a turnkey Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network in the City of Sandy, Oregon. This new network brings 1 GB/s broadband service to approximately 3,500 residents via SandyNet, the internet service provider (ISP) owned by the community and operated by the city since 2003. Sandy is only one of many communities across the nation that have deployed their own high-speed FTTH network. Many of these communities lack a service provider, have limited broadband options or have been largely ignored in the nationwide push for gigabit service.

In several interviews, Sandy officials articulated the needs and goals that propelled their community to take this bold leap forward. They also spoke passionately about the numerous advantages for residents including:

  • deploying a leading-edge fiber optic network with virtually unlimited bandwidth;
  • providing the same utility-like service to all residents, without exclusion;
  • delivering the data speeds needed for uninterrupted video and other applications;
  • increasing the City of Sandy’s competitiveness to attract new businesses and jobs; and
  • fostering new entrepreneurial, home-based businesses.

Today, many other communities feel empowered to follow in Sandy’s footsteps. While FTTH solutions must be specifically suited or customized to meet each community’s needs, cities are showing growing interest in pursuing a business model similar to that used in Sandy. OFS played an instrumental role in the successful City of Sandy project, from the initial planning stage all the way through deployment to turning up the network on launch day.

The City of Sandy case study video, available at the OFS Video Gallery, provides a brief overview on some of the motivating drivers for deploying and launching a successful FTTH network.

Anurag Jain – Senior Marketing Manager, FTTH Solutions

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