OFS recently showcased technology developments in multimode fiber transmission at OFC 2015. Our live demonstrations showcased future advances in short-reach data center interconnects and “illustrated a paradigm shift in how multimode transceivers are standardized,” according to Systems & Technology Strategy Director Robert Lingle.

Looking forward, the most far-reaching impact will come from the trend of applying Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) to the multimode space with more than one wavelength per fiber. In fact, a new standard for wideband multimode fiber that supports four WDM wavelengths is now in process with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), endorsed by the fiber, structured cabling and transceiver communities.

According to Multimode Fiber Product Manager John Kamino, “The advent of WDM coupled with higher speeds for VCSELs and multimode fiber will make it possible to achieve 400 Gb/s and even 1.6 Tb/s in compact cable structure, such that multimode fiber links are likely to remain the low-cost paradigm in enterprise data centers for years to come.”

We’d like to thank all of the customers and attendees who visited our booth and live demos during the exhibition and conference. If we missed speaking with you, please stop by our booth at any of our upcoming tradeshows.

For more information on OFS and optical fiber, please visit: OFS Live Demo  or  Optical Fiber

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