The co-inventor of optical fiber, Dr. Peter Schultz, is a resident of the Virgin Islands. He was instrumental in convincing the local authorities back in the early 2000’s that the islands needed high-speed connectivity afforded by optical fiber. He assisted in the successful lobbying of federal and local governments to provide funding for the project and in 2009 The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (ViNGN) was formed. This video shows how he partnered with OFS to deliver high-speed fiber connectivity to the U.S. Virgin Islands and specifically to his condo unit. OFS designed the fiber to the MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) network with the InvisiLight® Facade Solution using the 12-Fiber M-Pack® Indoor Outdoor MDU Drop Cable and SlimBox® Indoor Outdoor Enclosures. For inside the MDU, a SlimBox 64-Fiber Indoor Enclosure and the InvisiLight Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solution were installed. OFS oversaw the installation for ViNGN with technicians from local contractor ADM Technologies, Inc.

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